DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

I have a project to share with you today! I'm quite excited about it! I've been dying to show you, but it's Christmas themed, and I wanted to wait until closer to Christmas to post it. :) If you are looking for a quick, easy, DIY Christmas gift--something that you can make in the multitudes without much effort--here's an idea for you...

You like them? I'm kind of thrilled with them! ;) Let me show you how I make them.

First, take some sheet music (or old book pages, whichever you prefer--I just used sheet music)...

...and cut that into strips.

Now you will need a clear plastic or glass Christmas tree ornament. I found mine at Michael's. They come in sets of six or individually. 

Remove the top part, like so:

Then, use a pen (whichever size you want to use) and curl the strips of paper around the pen. Then insert the pen inside the ornament, keeping the paper wrapped around the pen as best you can. You don't want the curled strips to come off until they are inside the ornament, or they are very hard to get inside without damaging the curl.

Note, you do not have to hold the paper around the pen for long--it curls very nicely in just a few seconds.
You will then have something that looks like this:

Continue to follow the above steps until your ornament fills up with curly strips of sheet music.

These are so very quick to make that I made several in about an hour:

When you're done, add a ribbon so you can having the ornament on your Christmas tree!

I used a silver ribbon here, but I think my favorite is twine. 
I have also made them using Christmas tissue paper:

And lace:

There are a lot of possibilities! These are so fun and simple to make that they would make great gifts for music teachers, Sunday school teachers, neighbors, whatever you like! 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Lovely ornaments! I may have to save this idea for next Christmas and put strips of Christmas scrapbook paper inside. Thanks for sharing. You are very crafty and I have enjoyed looking at your blog. I am a new follower and would love for you to visit my site and maybe follow back.

    1. Oooo, I love your idea! I'll have to do that next Christmas! Thanks for the idea!

      Thank you for following!! I will definitely return the favor! ;)


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