Twine Wrapped

I fell in love with this idea the moment I laid eyes on it on Pinterest. I think it's rustic elegance--my kind of style! I had been keeping an idea in the back of my mind for a while. I wanted a simple project that could produce a lot with very little expense. These are perfect!

The bottles I used are Dr. Enuf bottles. Dr. Enuf is my favorite soft drink/soda/pop (oh, sheesh)--carbonated drink--as well as quite a few friends' favorite, too. So I have had no problem collecting a bunch and stripping them of their caps and stickers for this project. I took my trusty hot glue gun and proceed to glue the twine onto the bottles.

Dr. Enuf is truly inexpensive if bought at Walmart (less than a dollar a bottle), and the ball of twin can be gotten for around $7 at Hobby Lobby. One ball of twin will cover around 3 bottles (I'm not sure how many exactly).

I have already wrapped several in twine and am branching out to vases, as well.

This is an inexpensive way to decorate, and I fully intend to use these to decorate my home one day, Lord willing. They are simple, classic, and will go with a lot of different kinds of decorative looks. I love them! :)

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